! Play with sound on
! Fullscreen is recommended
! TW: horror

Controls: Arrows+Space


My first public game I made back in 2014.
This small horror game was made in one week for next castle geek party gamejam.
I remember getting bad sleep after that :D 
I still like how it turned out so hope you'll enjoy!


* For ENG speakers *

There's a tooltip in russian on start of the game that says:
- I'll finish my stuff and go to bed

The lines on to-do list are saying:
-Unpack the boxes
-Take out the trash


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great graphic

Hey! I'd love to talk to you about your game, if you have a moment. You can email me on Jupiter@armorgames.com

Nice game! I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work.


хочу продолжения эта игра победила мой зопор урааааааа


Decent game. I liked it.

You wasn't far away with that berries guess, because in russian the face said: "Bring me the Eyes or I will take yours" :D 

Had fun listening to your speculations! 
Thanks for the walkthrough :) 

The Ending Sorta confused me But Good Gam






two horror games in one

Great game Good Job I had fun with it👍


Великолепная работа! Графика и дизайн звука создают богатую хоррор атмосферу, и поворот в конце весьма интригующий. Даже за игру за семь дней, выглядит довольно солидно. Еденствены мои маленький критицизм это то что список работ по дому не обновляетса. А так, игра очень хорошо сделана, и детали явны. Желаю вам много удачи в будуищех проектах! 

Спасибо за отзыв!

> список работ по дому не обновляетса
просто не взял с собой карандаш )


the setup of wondering around dark apartment is neat, I wish the game stayed grounded in reality longer


Dang! i Love this game

Excellent game my friend wish it was longer however very creepy love to see this made into a full release.

Show post...

nice scary


Impressive game. I really enjoyed it. For more of my review, check out the video.

Thanks for cheking that out and your review!
There's no extra ending or content so you completed it.
Impressed by your russian skills btw!! :) 

Thanks. The game was really good. Hope to see more projects like this from you. Good Luck!